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Nature is open to receive anyone in her lap.

Yet, only the brave make it.

We are not referring to Bear Grylls-type survivalist artists, extremists of the sort. Although they deserve their place in space too.

Courage to rejoice in natural living comes in many forms…

  • respectfully exposing oneself to the elements – respectfully in the sense that we should challenge ourselves, not nature in doing so
  • letting animate nature interact with us and partake actively, curiously in this life-long play of reconnaissance – the other morning, carrying out my routine breathing exercises, while on my knees, a tiny songbird perched for a split moment on my right heel, I felt the gentle grip of its claws on my bare skin before it took flight again so quickly, that by the time I turned around it faded somewhere in the twilight, but I will never forget this honor
  • allowing ourselves to be a little dirty on a continual basis – touching dirt (soil) with more than just our hands, laying down on it, building your house over it, while turning dirt into your floor and – by extension – your grounding pad for life
  • being comfortable with the less than comfortable – embrace situations when, unexpectedly, you are left in cold or dark for a while
  • practice feeling the sense of true hunger – if you know what I mean at all
  • trust, trust, trust – that you are in the perfect place at the perfect time for you (physically, energetically, emotionally, karmically), that all that happens to you is meant to be and to benefit you in one way or another, even if it’s not so obvious
  • be okay with the kind of reciprocity, where you get what you give – the natural world will match, if not mirror, your energetic emanation
  • accept instant feedback – sometimes it’s soft, at other times it’s harsh
  • move a lot – be active
  • sleep plenty – life is meant to be one third dream world and who is to say that one is more real than the other
  • I should have started with this: love – love yourself in the most noble way and share; turn that same quality of love outward, for nothing is too unworthy for your love in nature (viruses and bacteria included, as are subatomic particles)
  • become energy-conscious and energetically sovereign – nurture your own diverse energy circuitry, manage what can come in to you and what has to stay out via your awareness
  • don’t use force – when you push, press, stress, nothing life-supporting will come of it

I am sure we could continue the list for much longer, but you get the gist. It does take courage to live by such principles. That’s why it is the brave only, who will make it in nature. There were times when we were all brave…

You can be one of nature’s newly returned prodigal daughters and sons as well.

All you need to do is to relax into it.

Roland Magyar

Passionate rewilder, who lives outside of the world of compromises.

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