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Environmental writer and eco poet - Cheryl Magyar

Writing stories and creative blog posts comes naturally to me, and as a freelance environmental writer I will reliably and independently produce likeable/shareable/intelligent content for you too, when you choose to hire me as a freelance writer.

Value-added content

Although I am the one writing your engaging content, the focus is always on you and your green business! I work with a range of Paleo, green and eco-friendly businesses around the world, providing weekly content on a long-term basis. When you are in need of a knowledgeable writer, I am reliably here for you – come experience dependability at its best!

Each month I help a limited number of online (and offline!) businesses to raise their eco-conscience as they engage with their readers and potential clients. Sustainability coaching may be a thing of the future, and if you believe the future is now, then you are in the right place. If you are interested in greening your life or sustainable business, please contact me at, telling me about yourself as well as your green business/personal goals.

Who am I?

My name is Cheryl Magyar, I’m an experienced environmental writer and 3x an expat, having lived more than half of my life in the United States, dividing my time between Illinois, Iowa, Oregon and Seattle, WA.

I have also spent 8 years homesteading on the Great Plains of southeastern Hungary, followed by a year in the Scottish Borders working on a large organic farm. Then we {my loving husband and 8-year-old creatively brilliant daughter} traveled down to the alternative town of Totnes, in England, for another year-long stay…

Finally, we have decided that northern Romania was the best place for us to raise a family closer to nature and further from the constraints of consumerism – we have been here since October 2016.

Becoming an “international” citizen has only furthered my love for the environment, the plants and animals on it. Sometimes the differences in places are strikingly different, other times similarities overlap, but the overarching theme of our relocations and travels has been – “How can we best live sustainably on the land?”.

We are all on this planet together, and to make the biggest, everlasting sustainable changes, we have to gather and forage for all the knowledge we can get our hands on. As a writer, mentor, sustainability coach, homesteader and natural parent I help people discover the joys of living with less, all the while appreciating nature to the fullest.

As an independent environmental writer I have abundant experiences to draw on.

  • Homesteading – 10+ years of living without running water, farming, raising animals in Hungary and Romania.
  • Handcrafting – 25+ years of knitting, spinning, felting, weaving and sewing.
  • Sustainable Living – 15+ years of embracing an ecologically sound life.
  • Organic Gardening – 20+ years of growing an edible garden, and saving seeds, without the use of chemicals, B.S. in horticulture, 2000.
  • Foraging and Herbs – 20+ years of identifying (eating and using) plants from our surrounding landscape.
  • Gluten-free/Paleo Diet/Wellness Industry – 6+ years of a strict gluten-free diet, to be continued forever.
  • Minimalism and Simple Living – 15+ years of owning little, traveling with a backpack and living life to the fullest!

All of these topics overlap/intersect/intertwine and they begin and end in various chapters of our lives.

My ecological passion and work as an environmental writer:

With a passion for wildlife, native plants and preserving nature for future generations I write from the heart on all subjects that are listed above.

As a ghostwriter my work is seen by hundreds of thousands of readers each week.

Every year I contribute 200+ articles and posts to businesses looking to gain leverage, in an eco-friendly and environmentally aware habitat, with relevant content.

Everything I write is unique, it is creative, and it is 100% yours to keep!

Freelance writing packages for your website, blog or print magazine:

Eco-Minimalist – €900/month – 4 blog posts a month or 2,500 words to be used as you wish*

Eco-Conscious – €1500/month – 5,000 words to be used as you wish*

All articles will be written in US English (you can request UK spelling at no extra charge), they will be completely original and intelligently thought out. Depending on your specific needs they may contain up to 3 relevant external links and up to 2 relevant internal links.

*”to be used as you wish” refers to keeping the word count, but dividing the articles into smaller, or longer, posts. For example: an Eco-Minimalist package can be broken down into 2 blogs at 1,250 words per piece. Content that I produce for you can be used to create ebooks, PDFs, or other promotional material for your business. Minimum 3-month contract to be signed before our work together begins. Payment by Direct Bank Transfer or PayPal.

You can also purchase my other freelance writing services at an hourly rate:

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Voice overs

Not only do I process intelligent words for a living, I am a Sustainable Life Designer too, available for when you need assistance in shifting your (personal or business) ecological paradigm.

To find out more about my services as an environmental freelance writer, please email me at and let me know about your specific project.

After an initial email we can then Skype/Zoom to get all the details straight.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

As an added bonus you can now offset a portion of the carbon cost of doing business online!

For every 10,000 words written, I will personally plant 5 native saplings in designated areas, leaving the trees to thrive for years to come.



I am beyond impressed with the quality of editing, writing and the level of communication I have experienced working with Cheryl. I have worked with a number of freelancers in the past, with medium to low results. After our first few encounters, Cheryl demonstrated to me that she was not only taking detailed notes of our communications and my concerns, but she was also able to understand the needs and vision of my blog, and was instrumental in taking the works of multiple people and translating their writing into to one common voice that resonates with our blog.
Cheryl’s writing ability is guaranteed to prove successful for anyone looking for help with their blog or content. However, what I enjoy most about working with Cheryl is her positive attitude, regardless of how unorganized I may have been and her ability to take words and transform them into a story worth reading. Cheryl is a genuinely nice person, who has the ability to add calmness to your chaos. ~ Ray, California
Cheryl is great to work with. She wrote perfect articles about the gluten-free topic before the agreed deadline. She has a great and fresh style, writes without any mistakes or typos and delivers plagiarism-free results. I would be happy to work with her in future! ~ Marko, Netherlands
Cheryl is such a skilled wordsmith! Takes some brief notes and turns it into a masterpiece! Already writing up your next task now! ~ Angela, Australia

“Spot on!” That’s what jumped to me as I received Cheryl’s work. She not only captured what I am asking for, she really delivered above and beyond my expectations. And it was all within deadline. Great job! I would definitely hire her again. ~ Travis, New York  

It’s been such a blast working with Cheryl. Her writing style is exactly what we were looking for. She always delivers upbeat and relatable content, it’s never one-note. Her Paleo and food knowledge is beneficial and adds an additional touch to her writing. Communication is consistently easy and straightforward. Another huge plus: Cheryl is always able to work with our schedule and her work arrives on time. Cheryl is a gem and we would definitely recommend her to anybody looking for a freelance writer! ~ Ashley N., California

If you are ever in need of stellar, creative content that is provided on a super-reliable basis, then hire Cheryl first – her experienced words will never let you down! ~ Rebecca, United Kingdom

Communicating with Cheryl is a breeze, as she can intuitively guess what I mean, even if I did not state something clearly enough. Cheryl is a thoughtful deep listener, and she has the ability to ask meaningful questions that allow me to feel more confident in my products and business. She is a wonderful asset for any green (and growing) business. ~ Thomas, Canada

Cheryl turned the project around exceptionally quickly and provided a well-written and engaging article. I’ll definitely be calling upon her services again in the future! ~ Mark, United Kingdom

This was one of the best articles I have received – it went straight into my Theme, was readable (SEO), had links to other articles.  If only other people sent me posts like this! ~ Lou, United Kingdom

Cheryl is a delight to work with! Her writing is outstanding, thorough, and always on time. Cheryl is reliable and her communication is great. One of the best writers we’ve ever worked with. We would hire Cheryl again in the future if ever needed without a doubt.

Ashley, California

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